What Software is required to Create NFT Art?

Introduction If you have decided to start creating your own digital art that you intend selling as an NFT art. That’s great news! But have you decided on which software to use? Have you been misled into thinking that you need sophisticated software to create NFT art? Before you spend a lot of money on an expensive graphic design software, […]

Can Anyone Make Money Selling NFT Art?

Introduction  If you are already vested in the world of NFT crypto art, you may have come across a news feed of a 12-year-old boy that raked in USD $395,000 by selling a bunch of pixelated crypto artwork. Maybe you have heard of “Weird Wales”? Well, that was the title of the series of crypto art that this kid created […]

What is NFT Digital Art?

Introduction Are you a struggling artist or graphic designer looking for alternative viable means of earning a steady living off your artwork? If you are, then this short blog post is for you. But first, another question – have you heard of NFT digital art before now?  Debunking the mystery behind NFT Digital Art In explaining what NFT digital art […]