Can Anyone Make Money Selling NFT Art?


 If you are already vested in the world of NFT crypto art, you may have come across a news feed of a 12-year-old boy that raked in USD $395,000 by selling a bunch of pixelated crypto artwork. Maybe you have heard of “Weird Wales”?

Well, that was the title of the series of crypto art that this kid created and sold in an NFT marketplace for up to two-fifths of a million bucks. I doubt this child has extensive experience in creating digital artwork. I doubt this kid fully understands the workings of the NFT marketplace (maybe I am wrong). But he was able to make a fortune nevertheless. If this doesn’t get you motivated, nothing will.


You can Be that Kid

If a 12-year-old child can create pixelated digital art, mint the art and sell NFT crypto art in a marketplace, so can you. You too can be that 12-year-old kid making loads of money from basic NFT art. It all starts with your mind set and how you apply it.


Get Started Today

 It may interest you to know that this kid made the money while on holidays from school. Imagine if you invest the time and effort to churn in better quality crypto art. Imagine what you could make if you create a career from crypto art or spend substantial time producing high quality crypto art. It all starts with you, so get started today.


Exception not the Rule

 Yes – A kid made all that money from mediocre artwork. But here’s the catch – this is an exception and by no means the norm. The analogy was just to encourage you. For you to know that if a kid could make money selling NFT art, so could you. You may never make as much money as this child or you could make a whole lot more than him in your first trial. Nothing is impossible and nothing is written in stone when it comes to NFT art.

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