How to Make an NFT Art Value of $1,000 or more ?

Introduction  The first thing you should know is that investing in NFT crypto art like all other business ventures is a risk. But unlike all other businesses, the risk is not in whether or not your artwork would be visible to potential buyers. The risk is not in the cost of transporting your artwork to interested clients or the risk […]

Can Anyone Make Money Selling NFT Art?

Introduction  If you are already vested in the world of NFT crypto art, you may have come across a news feed of a 12-year-old boy that raked in USD $395,000 by selling a bunch of pixelated crypto artwork. Maybe you have heard of “Weird Wales”? Well, that was the title of the series of crypto art that this kid created […]

Why are People Paying Huge Amounts to Buy NFT Art?

Introduction  “Nyan Cat” went for USD $580,000 and “Weird Wales” sold for USD $395,000. These are massive amounts of money to spend on crypto art, but people are spending the money anyway. Maybe people just have the money to spend, maybe it’s the fact that buying crypto art from NFT marketplaces gives you sole ownership of the artwork. Maybe it […]