How to Make an NFT Art Value of $1,000 or more ?


 The first thing you should know is that investing in NFT crypto art like all other business ventures is a risk. But unlike all other businesses, the risk is not in whether or not your artwork would be visible to potential buyers.

The risk is not in the cost of transporting your artwork to interested clients or the risk of damage to your artwork and possible theft. With NFT art, all the physical risks mentioned do not exist.

The only risk you have to worry about is the rare possibility that your crypto artwork may not be valued at your projected valuation. I doubt the creator of Nyan Cat ever believed that his NFT art would sell for USD $580,000.

The actual risk in NFT art is in not trying at all. Your artwork may be valued at USD $1,000 or it may go for USD $100,000. This is the beauty of NFT crypto art. But to know if you can make USD $1,000 from your NFT art, you have to get in the NFT marketplace.

Get Busy

 To make USD $1,000 or more from NFT art, you need to get busy producing digital artwork. You don’t need any special crypto art software. You can use just about any app to create digital artwork. Adobe Illustrator is a great app to have, but you can use other less fancied apps as well. What is important here is that you focus on quality (artwork) rather than quantity.

Get a Wallet, Launch and Fingers Crossed

 Once you have your artworks ready, you need to get a crypto wallet. Metamask is one crypto wallet that is supported by most NFT marketplace. The crypto wallet will enable you buy the Ethereum (ETH) needed to mint your digital art (by paying gas) on a NFT marketplace and convert it to crypto art ready for use to the highest bidder.

Yes – Your crypto art would be auctioned in the NFT marketplace and that’s where the magic of making USD$1,000 lies. Depending on several factors including the quality of your crypto art, you could make a life defining sale.

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