NFT 100 Team Launches Fantom Fortunate Fox NFT

The fox is an animal that can be found all around the world. In many cultures the fox also serves a totem with a lot of symbolism. In ancient Rome the fox represented the god of fire. The fox was seen to protect communities from a loss of grain to fire while also protecting them from the threat of demons. 

Indeed, to NFT 100, the fox is seen as a symbol of both great health and wealth. This is why the fox plays a significant role in the NFT 100 launch of their NFT program aptly called Fantom Fortunate Fox or FTMFFF. 

Who are NFT 100?

NFT 100 is made up of a team of fantastic talents including investors, programmers, marketers, creative designers, and NFT holders. NFT 100 takes pride in the actions of all its team members and handsomely rewards them for their contribution towards the FTMFFF synergy program within the Fantom (FTM) Opera Blockchain. 

What is FTMFFF? 

The FTMFFF is the first NFT program of NFT 100. This program consists of 100% original and exclusive artwork collection in the Fantom (FTM) Opera Blockchain. In phase 1 of this program, a total of 777 NFTs would be randomly generated while an additional 333 NFTs would be added to give a total of 1,110 exquisite FTMFFF NFTs in phase 2.    

Just as the fox is a symbol of health and prosperity, so also will the initial 777 FTMFFFF NFTs serve as Goodluck charms or amulets to holders. As a matter of fact, having an FTMFFF is equivalent to having an amulet that protects you from harm while bringing you good health and fortune at the same time. 

NFT 100 runs an online-to-offline program that addresses both the virtual and real world needs of FTMFFF holders or “hodlers” as they are fondly called. During emergency air drops, FTMFFF hodlers will be presented with real life amulets to create a balance between their virtual and real-life space. 

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