Do you want to create and mint a Non-fungible Token (NFT) on Fantom?
Do you want to start selling your Fantom NFT?
Here’s all you need to know to create, mint, and sell a Fantom NFT.

Steps to Creating and Minting a Fantom NFT

Step #1: While on the Fantom site, click the “Create” button located at the top of the site in order to create an NFT. You need to provide details of the NFT by filling in the “NFT info.” column. You can set your preferred “Royalties” while the “Symbol” info. is basically the descriptive tag of your NFT.

Step #2: Once you have provided the NFT details, the transaction is confirmed when you click on “Mint”.

Step #3: Your NFT file is uploaded to IPFS which is a decentralized, open-source storage resource by the system and the NFT is created.

Step #4: Minting can be done on Fantom NFT marketplaces like Artion or PaintSwap. The cost of minting NFT on Artion for example – is a flat-rate of 1 Fantom utility token (FTM). You will also be required to pay a transaction cost in addition to the Minting fee.

Step #5: To view the NFT that was created, simply click the “Account” button then select “My Profile”.

Selling your NFT

After creating and minting your NFT, you can then sell the NFT through an auction. But you first have to select the NFT you intend selling on “My Profile”. You can sell your NFT via auction. Click “Start Auction” then select the preferred currency you want to sell the NFT in. wFTM is the currency that is selected by default, but you can also select DAI, fUSDT or USDC.

You can sell your NFT at a fixed price or you can state a reserve price in the field provided. The reserve price is the minimum price at which your NFT will be sold. If the reserve price field is left blank, the auction bidding will begin at the price of zero (0).

The auction sale will then be automatically conducted with the highest bidder winning the bid at the close of the NFT auction. You can also select both the auction date and time. And this includes the time when the auction will start as well as when the auction will end.



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