NFT – All you need to know about PaintSwap Beardies

While men growing beards is nothing new, having NFT based on men with beards is quite a novelty. This is the case with “Beardies”, a next generation NFT created by the PaintSwap Finance Marketplace. But Beardies is not just a typical NFT. Beardies will also operate as a native utility token under the PaintSwap Finance Marketplace. 

What are Beardies? 

Beardies were created by the ever-active creative team at PaintSwap. Beardies serve a dual purpose. On one hand they are Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs while on the other hand they are utility tokens on PaintSwap Finance Marketplace.

Using the new provenance technology, PaintSwap was able to ensure that the Beardies they created are fairly distributed. This technology also ensures that holders of Beardies have a genuine claim to rewards at PaintSwap Finance Marketplace. 

Holders of Beardies are a part of the success of the PaintSwap Finance Marketplace. You are rewarded with the PaintSwap Finance Marketplace fees with each Beardie that you hold and this is provided in FTM. The more Beardies you have the more rewards you are entitled to. 

There are no limits to the rewards you can gain from the Beardies in your possession. In addition to FTM rewards, you will also have free access to join an exclusive Discord channel which can also be staked at the highly coveted Fantom Armies. 

A total of 2,048 Beardies are expected to be painted with each having unique features and descriptions. The average price is 280 with total NFT sales at about 222 (as at the time of writing this post).  

If you want to fully enjoy the rewards that the PaintSwap Finance marketplace has in store for you, get hold of Beardies today and take advantage of all the benefits that this NFT and utility has to offer all its holders.

Beardies NFT : 

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