Introducing Coffee Fantasy NFT Project by Visionary Boy

For all those coffee lovers out there, you can take your love for coffee from just having a cup or two a day to a whole new level of experience. This is what Visionary Boy hopes to achieve with their innovative Coffee Fantasy NFT project running on the Fantom Blockchain Network.

What is Coffee Fantasy?

Coffee Fantasy is an NFT project that redefines how coffee lovers should view and appreciate coffee. Coffee Fantasy combines storytelling, artwork, and technology to produce unique NFTs that are designed to wow stakeholders.

Coffee Fantasy uses illustrations, conventional printing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Non-Fungible Token technologies to tell a story of the adventures of Peter, a coffee shop owner and avid coffee-lover.

Peter’s adventures are documented in NFT form for all the world to partake in and share with others. With the launch of a limited number of 35 completely unique artworks only on the Fantom Blockchain Network, the public can now follow Peter on his many adventures to coffee farms in Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. The coffee based NFTs consists of 35 limited editions and styles minted at 150 FTM for each and this includes shipping.

Coffee Fantasy made possible by Excellent Collaborations

Coffee Fantasy is made possible by excellent collaborations. Never-Never is one of such collaborations and this is the artist team of Coffee Fantasy. They are responsible for bringing Peter’s coffee adventures to life with inspiring illustrations, and complex art prints.

The interactive AR effects of Coffee Fantasy are provided by How&How. How&How is a creative new media technology agency that transforms each of Peter’s amazing coffee stories into intriguing surreal experiences represented as NFTs.

Coffee Fantasy NFT holders are taken on an amazing exploration of the world of coffee cultivation, harvesting, and processing to further enhance their love for the beverage and their appreciation for the processes involved in producing a single coffee bean.


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