Are you a struggling artist or graphic designer looking for alternative viable means of earning a steady living off your artwork? If you are, then this short blog post is for you. But first, another question – have you heard of NFT digital art before now?

 Debunking the mystery behind NFT Digital Art

In explaining what NFT digital art is, it is important to first explain what NFT stands for. NFT is an acronym for “Non-Fungible Token”. Now I assume that at this point you are probably more baffled than at the start of this article. But in truth, NFT is not that hard to understand.

Imagine having a 20 dollar note in your pocket, that 20-dollar note can be exchanged for a couple of 10-dollar notes without losing its value, right?! Well, the 20-dollar note in this analogy is known as a “Fungible Token” because its value is definite, known, and exchangeable, in this case with two 10-dollar notes.

However, imagine if you had a 20 dollar note autographed by Michael Jordan. Now, this 20-dollar note is no longer worth a couple of 10-dollar bills. This 20-dollar note is now a “Non-Fungible Token” because its value is undeterminable at this point. What is certain is that the autographed 20-dollar bill is now worth a lot more than two 10-dollar notes. Does it make more sense now?

So, an NFT digital art is one whose value is not fixed. It is one that can be worth 20 dollars or 500 dollars depending on the circumstance. This is what NFT digital art is.

NFT digital art is basically a virtual artwork made available for rent or sale in an NFT marketplace after the artwork has been tokenized or mined in a blockchain by an NFT platform. This artwork then becomes more biddable, sellable, and valuable.

An NFT digital art gives you more recognition as the creator, minimizes long-term costs, and increases your chances of earning more on your virtual artwork than if you had physically sold it.

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