Is there any good Fantom Marketplace?

The quick-fire answer to this question is a resounding YES. There are really good Fantom NFT marketplaces. One of such NFT marketplaces is PaintSwap Finance.

PaintSwap Finance is a decentralized, open-source NFT marketplace and Automated Market Maker (AMM) operating on the Fantom mainnet (Opera) blockchain network. With PaintSwap Finance, yield farming is completely redefined on the Fantom mainnet (Opera) blockchain network.

PaintSwap Finance is an intuitive, interactive, user-friendly NFT marketplace and AMM platform offering minimal trading fees and Fantom-oriented farming pairs. PaintSwap Finance provides an open-ended marketplace where you can easily trade, bid, sell, or buy NFTs.

You can also create NFTs via the Studio or by simply uploading your Fantom created NFT files to the PaintSwap Finance marketplace where it can then be sold at a fixed price or reserve price. On PaintSwap Finance, you can browse through the thousands of available NFTs.

The ticker on PaintSwap is $BRUSH tokens with a maximum supply of 450,000,000 BRUSH tokens. The distribution of the native utility BRUSH tokens is as follows:
– Yield Farming (70%),
– Airdrop (10%),
– Team allocation (10%) with 95% stream over a half-year or 6-month period,
– BRUSHdao fund (5%),
– Initial Farm Offering or IFO (5%).

Your BRUSH token can be staked in the PaintSwap staking pool. By staking BRUSH in the staking pool, you will earn even more BRUSH tokens. You can also swap your BRUSH tokens with other different types of native utility tokens including Fantom tokens (FTM) and USDC on the PaintSwap decentralized, open-source NFT marketplace and AMM.

PaintSwap Finance has an active social network. The PaintSwap Finance team is known to provide regular updates on a number of different social media platforms. You can reach-out to the PaintSwap Finance team with your enquiries on Twitter and Discord.

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