NFT is all the rage!

Are you a digital artist who wants to take the next step? Or an entrepreneur who heard about the NFT trend? Or are you just a beginner who wants to join the NFT industry?

Regardless of your goal, step one is to know how on earth you actually can create the NFT art, right? Let’s unwrap here!

What Is NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is an unfamiliar term, and you can consider it as a digital certificate of authenticity. Generally, different artworks, historical items, and antiques are sold at a market with a receipt ensuring they are genuine. NFTs also share the same objective but only for digital items.

What Can Be Turned into NFT?

Pretty much anything! Videos, GIFs, mp3s, and jpegs are some of the common forms for creating NFTs. With this technology, you can get a new type of “ownership” on your digital files as this wasn’t possible earlier. Furthermore, NFTs can be gathered, purchased, sold, and even can be demolished like any physical item- all the credits to the blockchain for transparent transactions and showing the pricing history of NFTs to anyone.

How to Create Your First NFT?

When you turn your work into NFT, it is called “Minting.” Minting refers to the act of making a new token on the Blockchain that will always be attached to your content.

  • First, add the Metamask extension to your browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It is basically a crypto wallet.
  • Secondly, set the crypto wallet by inserting a 12-word “seed phrase.” It is a master password for the wallet.
  • Now, purchase the ETH by a major marketplace like Binance, Coinbase, or KuCoin. Also, with larger exchanges, you can purchase the ETH from your credit/debit card.
  • Move the ETH to your Metamask wallet. No worry, there will be instructions on how to do the exchanges. Plus, try a small transaction test first to ensure you aren’t blowing it!
  • Go to (NFT marketplace) to set up an account. Start making your first NFT, and this will set your file by adding it to the blockchain.
  • Now, list your NFT for sale on

Boom! You’ve created your first NFT. Now share on your social media to get feedback and appreciation!

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