What are the Best NFT Art Marketplaces in 2021?


So, you now have a digital artwork and you have opened a crypto wallet, but you are not sure of the NFT marketplace to host your NFT crypto art. Well, this brief article will highlight the best three NFT art marketplaces in 2021. At the end of the day, you will get to decide which marketplace appeals to you the best.

#1: OpenSea:

As the first ever peer-to-peer marketplace for NFT crypto art, OpenSea is recorded to have a transaction volume in excess of 6 billion US dollars. OpenSea is an NFT marketplace for artwork, GIFs, music, and so on.  OpenSea supports several popular crypto wallets including Formatic, Bitski, Coinbase, and MetaMask which is regarded as the fastest crypto wallet for linking up with OpenSea. To upload your NFT artwork as a creator, you simply have to add your crypto wallet by navigating to the “Create” menu tab. You will then need to provide detailed information in the description fields provided.

#2: Rarible:

If you are looking for an NFT marketplace that is solely owned and operated by its community, then Rarible is where to be. This marketplace focuses on selling both memorabilia and crypto art. You can create as many NFTs as you like for just one digital art in order to sell the artwork several times over. Rarible offers an easy to use, interactive user interface that is ideal for any newbie. Like OpenSea, Rarible supports several popular crypto wallets including MyEtherWallet, Coinbase wallet, and MetaMask.

#3: KnownOrigin:

If you want an NFT marketplace that places a lot of emphasis on crypto art, the KnownOrigin should meet your requirement in 2021. This marketplace offers an intuitive user interface with a gallery type theme. Your crypto artwork on KnownOrigin is well protected as it is stored on IPFS. This marketplace is simplistic and easy to navigate. Similar to the other highlighted NFT marketplaces, KnownOrigin supports several crypto wallets including Formatic, and MetaMask.

All three NFT marketplaces offer you a chance to display your NFT crypto art to a large number of potential buyers and make a decent living as an NFT digital artist. If you want more information on NFT marketplaces, please visit https://www.digital-art-nft.com

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