How to create NFT art with no coding experience using Rarible?


Do you know you don’t need a BSc, Masters or PHD in coding before you can create NFT art on Rarible? In this post you will learn how to make this happen.


Connect your Wallet to

  • Go to and connect your crypto wallet. Check the upper right-hand corner while on the Rarible website user interface for where to connect your wallet.
  • Rarrible supports a wide range of crypto wallets, but if you have MetaMask, then you have a really decent wallet.


Upload or Create Image on Rarible

  • Once you wallet is connected you can interact in the Rarible NFT marketplace. You will be able to create, buy or sell NFT art.
  • To create NFT, go-to the upper right hand corner of the Rarible web interface once more and click on the button labelled “Create collectible”. This feature allows you to either create a single collectible or multiple collectibles. If you want to create multiple collectibles. You will be asked to “Create an image” which you can by uploading the file. You can use any file as long as it is in jpg, png or gif format and the size is not more than 10 MB.
  • Once your image file is the right format and size, you can upload it to Rarible.
  • You can also create images from scratch by using a graphic design app. There are many apps out there. You can use a free or paid app like Canva, Adobe illustrator and so on.


In Closing

 When uploading a file you can do so to the Rarible collection folder or you can create your own collection folder. On the “Rarible collection” you need to provide a “Name” for the image, and “Description”. If you chose the multiple collectible option, then you need to state the “Number of copies”. You can even adjust your “Royalties” in percentage if you like. For more information on how to create NFT art with no coding experience on Rarible, please visit

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