How easy is it to Create NFT Art and make Money by Selling it?


One question that most NFT art beginners frequently ask is the question of how easy is it to create NFT art and make money selling your crypto art? In truth there is no simple answer to this question as there are several factors that can make or mar your success in the NFT marketplace.


Creating Your Artwork is the Easy Part

Creating an NFT art is actually the easy part in the whole process. You can use just about any Web-based or downloaded graphic designing app to create your artwork. You can use free apps or go for paid softwares if you can afford it. Your artwork can even be a scanned soft copy of an original art.

What’s more, to upload this artwork to your NFT marketplace of choice is easy. Most NFT marketplaces accept .png, .jpg, or .gif image files. But if your artwork is not in any of these formats, you can still use an image converter like the web-based to convert your image to the acceptable format.

In addition, your image does not need to be a large file. But if it is, you can compress the file with a file compression app before uploading the file to an NFT marketplace.


Making Money is the Hard Part

The tricky part of it all is making money by selling your NFT art. The truth is, there are no guarantees for success. You can make a large profit from a single NFT art or you can make cumulative profits from several crypto art.

The important thing is to understand the type of NFT art you need to create in order to be successful in the NFT marketplace. Also, you should know that with each artwork you create, you need to pay a GAS fee to have it minted.

This may be a hindrance to your desire to create many NFT art for sale. If you need more information on creating NFT art and how to make money selling it, please visit

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